Sector Development & Compliance

The management of MOJAZ Foundation is determined to make organization a robust, compliant, and progressive institution.The future presents whole new era of opportunities and challenges to position MOJAZ as an effective market player and to strengthen the compliance and control environment. MOJAZ management believesthat complying with regulations and ethical standards is not only essential for valuable clients, employees and the community but it also gives MOJAZa competitive advantage. Compliance is not an abstract concept, but a code of behavior that applies to everyone. It is valid for all employees at all levels, in all braches and units.

Being a microfinance organization, MOJAZ is committed to prevent, identify and promptly address all acts of fraud against the organization and, where appropriate, to pursue legal remedies available under law. In this regards, MOJAZ will maintain “zero tolerance” attitude towards fraud and requires that any case of suspected or detected fraud within network “must”invariably be reported & investigated.It is pertinent to remember that the way each employee conducts the business can affect MOJAZ’s public image. MOJAZ desires to succeed in a competitive arena by being innovative, quality driven, reliable and fair.

Keeping in view the significance of compliance & quality while performing financial services, MOJAZ Foundation has established an independentand vigilant Compliance unit at Head Office. The Compliance unit will act as a channel of communication to receive and direct compliance issues, to allocate appropriate resources for investigation and resolution, and as a final internal resource with which concerned parties may communicate after other formal channels and resources have been exhausted. The Unit shall be independent in its verification, findings, communication and reporting requirements. The compliance department shall report directly to CEO. Major responsibilities of Sector Development & Compliance department will be as following;

  • Act as an independent review and evaluation body of microfinance operations
  • Indentifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk; develops/implements corrective action plans for resolution
  • Providing reports on a regular basis to keep the Organization’s CEO & Senior Management informed about trends in microfinance operations
  • Conducting market studies for developing products/services design, tests and roll-out
  • Develop & improve product & operations manuals / product programs/SOPs
  • Build a strong Management Information System (MIS) and ensure timely updation of all data for reports extraction and analysis
  • Creating linkages with donor agencies, telcos, insurance companies and other relevant stakeholders for innovation and network expansion

Structure of Sector Development & Compliance


Currently all compliance related activities are being carried out from Head Office through an independent team of Management Executives-Compliance however in future the team will be deployed at branch level directly reporting to Manager Sector Development & Compliance. MF is using a web-based MIS that is maintained at Head Office but data entry is at unit level. The accuracy of data is ensured by cross verification of entered data at Head Office by ME-MIS under the guidance of MIS Consultant.

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