MOJAZ Foundation understands the emergency for education in Pakistan and hence is taking various initiatives to provide children in the rural areas with this basic right to gain education. The existing situation of the education service delivery in Pakistan is suffering from a host of problems. Although the government is introducing various interventions to improve the access and quality of education, however there is much to be desired. MOJAZ sees its role in organizing and strengthening the communities at grassroots level and building their capacity to take due interest and play an effective role in the management of education; linking them with line agencies and facilitating the service providers to efficiently and effectively deliver the education services. Disability remains the cross cutting theme in every initiative.

Improvement of Quality of education remains one of its main focuses. In this regards, MOJAZ has completed a project funded by Open Society Foundation on improving quality of education in Narrowal taking 10 schools into consideration. The Quality of Education Improvement project started in October 2011 in Narrowal district of Punjab Province. The first year of this project has been completed successfully and is now the second year of improving quality of education in Narrowal is on the roll since October 2012. The objective was to ensure provision of quality education and increase in access by implementing school education improvement plans that focused on an inclusive participatory, highly motivated SMC (consisting of teachers, parents and community members), introducing innovative monitoring of school management through client-tailored MIS, establishing financial sustainability, nurturing public-private partnerships and accountability (particularly with the local government), and extending official recognition to community for their role in making quality education accessible in the local setting.

Key Achievements:

  • Remarkable progress has been made in increasing rates of enrollments in project schools. Overall there has been 6% increase in the enrolment in all ten schools during 2012.
  • MOJAZ has been successful in mobilizing communities for establishing School Management Committees. These committees include membership from communities and respective schools (60% are parents and 40% are teachers and other renowned members from respective areas.
  • Linkages between SMC and government line agencies established and government successfully engaged in intervention.
  • There has been active involvement of the SMCs and alumni in school infrastructure improvement and in securing donations in kind for respective schools. The details are available in the interim report.
  • Co-curricular activities have been organized for all ten schools in which teachers, SMCs and students have taken active part. Drawing competition, sports days, tree plantation and health and hygiene sessions are a few examples
  • Teacher training has been successful in building up the morale of the teachers and they have requested for more training session to improve their skills
  • A comprehensive client-tailored Management Information System has been developed successfully. The system secures important data pertaining to teacher performance, student performance, available resources, school infrastructure and community involvement
  • Revolving funds were transferred to the bank account of each SMC for establishing tunnel farms. Each School management Committee is linked with an economic activity (tunnel farm) to generate funds and is serving as learning hamlets for students.

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