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Pakistan faces a crisis of social sector service delivery, which is being exacerbated by rapid population growth, rural-urban migration, a high unemployment rate and poor local governance and civil society development. Even with sustained, moderate economic growth over a period of decades, social indicators in Pakistan have not shown signs of improvement.

MOJAZ Social sector supports the poor and marginalised communities in addressing their needs in the areas of education, health, water and sanitation, through community participation and with the support of different service providerision. Special efforts are made to ensure transparency and accountability in the provision of these services through mobilizing comunities.The description of various services under Social Sector of MOJAZ is given as under.


MOJAZ Foundation understands the emergency for education in Pakistan and hence is taking various initiatives to provide children in the rural areas with this basic right to gain education. The existing situation of the education service delivery in Pakistan is suffering from a host of problems. Although the government is introducing various interventions to improve the access and quality of education, however (Read more..)


MOJAZ Foundation has been assisting children and families in the aftermath of emergencies, such as the conflict that forced more than 2 million people from their homes in 2009 and the devastating floods in 2010 that destroyed more than 1 million homes. (Read more..)

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